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  • 32\'\' Akai LCT3201TD 1080i HDTV Ready LCD TV/DVD Player

    32\'\' Akai LCT3201TD 1080i HDTV Ready LCD TV/DVD Player $649.99 This Akai 32-inch LCT3201TD LCD TV/DVD Player is the perfect all in one solution for digital home entertainment! The 32-inch widescreen display has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a native resolution of 1366 x 768, giving you high-definition full color visuals! The high contrast ratio of 1000:1 and the 550 cd/m² brightness bring your movies to life! The LCT3201TD is HD-Ready for resolutions up to 1080i, includes an NTSC tuner and a built-in


  • 35-D010611

    35 -D010611 35 -D010611 35 -D010611 $32 .15 0 .60 CMO Timing Control Board V320B1 -C03 35 -D010611 Brand Model AKAI LCT3201AD LCT3285TA ILO LCT27HA36 LCT32HA36 Insignia NS -27LCD NS -32LCD Polaroid FLM -323B FLM -3232 Polaroid FLM -2611C FLM -3211C Olevia 327 -S12 427 -S12 Sabre LCT260BKA LCT320BKA Viewsonic N2752W Viore LCD26V37HAU Westinghouse LTV -27W7HD LTV-32W6HD W3213HD Westinghouse SK -32H240S SK-32H510S


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