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  • American Art History: Volume I: Art History Disguised as Fun (Volume 1)

    Through engaging newspaper articles, funny illustrations, and faux advertisements, American Art: Volume I introduces students to sixteen fascinating pieces of art. The eight chapters of this volume cover eight weeks of lessons. Arranged chronologically this book acquaints students, grades 3rd – 8th with Early American art (prehistoric through colonial portraits). In this Volume: Prehistoric Art: Clovis Spear Points and Prehistoric Tools Mound Builder Art: The Birdman Tablet and Mound Builder Bannerstones


  • Vintage 1951 Vogue Chic Laced Sandals 1016 PDF Digital Crochet Pattern

    Vintage 1951 Vogue Chic Laced Sandals #1016 Vintage Reproduction Pattern PDF - DIGITAL ELECTRONIC FORMAT PATTERN Quick & easy to create, these becoming sandals will become a seasonal favorite & you'll be a well dressed lady in country or beach! SIZES: Directions are for small. Changes for medium & large are in brackets. MATERIALS: Hiawatha Nylon Elastic Yarn of Lastex Art #78, 3 cards OR Elastic Metallic Yarn of Lastex Art #77, 3 cards Steel Crochet Hook #1 Hiawatha Cork Soles #6364 This PDF pattern will

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  • The North Face Women's Hiawatha

    The North Face Women's Hiawatha Customer reviews Review The North Face Women's Hiawatha AM9S product description Match The North Face Women's leather Hiawatha Sandals with a summer skirt or casual jeans and head out the door. The Hiawatha Sandals' EVA midsole and anatomical arch support keep your feet comfortable as you enjoy the warm sunshine. The North Face added a rubber outsole to the Hiawatha flip-flops so you can stroll through the grass or fall leaves without acquiring unexpected grass -stains .


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