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  • High Lift Single Valve Springs For Integra Honda Civic D16a1 D16a9 Dohc Engine

    ebay template This Brand New High Quality Sweden Oteva Steel High Lift Valve Spring SET are ideally when switching original cam for a High Performance one and the engine will rev over 6200 rpms, where original springs binds, provoking cam and lifter failure and valve float. CIVIC D16 DOHC ITEM PRICE: 160.00 This Valve Spring Set fits the following Engines: INTEGRA, ZC, 1988-1992 CIVIC SI (US),D16A1, 1992-1994 CIVIC SI (ARG), D16A9, 1994-1996 HATCHBACK, D16A1, 1991-1994 INTEGRA 16V, D16A2, 1998-

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  • Honda Civic / CRX Shop Manual by Haynes

    Honda Civic / CRX Shop Manual by Haynes Honda Civic & CRX Shop Manual by Haynes Ths manual covers all Honda Civic, Civic EX, Civic LX, CRX, CRX HF, Civic CRX and CRX Si including 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1991. For engine swaps, you should also buy the first generation Integra manual (1.6L twin cam D16A swap into a 1985-87 CRX), or Del Sol manual (for a 125HP VTEC B16 motor). No Haynes manual currently covers the DOHC Del Sol VTEC 160HP ZC motor.

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  • Cam Gears -

    Jun Cam Gears Cam Gears - This beautiful cam gear is an excellent choice for 3 reasons. 1)It has a 5 bolt pattern just like the Unorthodox which means no chance of slipping like the low-quality AEM. 2) It uses the stock Toyota cam gear outer ring unlike Unorthodox or AEM which means your important timing belt fits 100% 3) Its very rare & exclusive! Special Order. Direct from Jun Japan. Jun Cam Gear ZC Dohc, Only EF model $342 .61 B16a $342 .61 Honda Prelude Price (up to 1998 ) H22a $342 .61


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