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  • Bimota 1100CC SB6R, 1997-1999

    Bimota 1100CC SB6R, 1997-1999 Battery Bimota 1100CC SB6R, 1997-1999 Battery 8.13 LBS Rating : Shipping :


  • NiMH Upgrade

    NiMH Upgrade NiMH Upgrade Sorry, we don't do the NIMH batteries any more. However if you choose to upgrade to a Li-Ion battery you will get a smaller more powerful battery that will burn your lights brighter and last longer. Li-Ion batteries weren't around when we started selling the NiMH batteries so unfortunately a NiMH charger wont work with a Li-Ion battery. For comparison the NiMH 4.0 Amp/H 12 volt batteries had a capacity of 48 Watt/ Hours if they were the earliest 1997-1999 batteries, they weighed


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