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  • Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae - 10 x 1.4 oz

    For All Skin Types. Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae permits to profit from benefits of the sea, for general fitness and silhouette refining. 100% natural, Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae re-mineralizes and re-vitalizes by the infusion of marine nutrients. Detoxifying and draining. Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae refines due to the rich iodine content of the algae. How To Use: Pour the contents of one sachet into the bath under the running water, in a toning bath (36?), relaxing (37?), or refining (38?). After


  • 8.45 oz Youthful Hand Cream (Salon Size)

    Thalgo Body Care Thalgo Skincare: 8.45 oz Youthful Hand Cream (Salon Size) A rejuvenating hand cream. Formulated with Peach Tree Extract to fade dark spots. Provides superior moisture to prevent dehydration. Shields skin against harsh external elements, hard water and detergents. Infused with a refreshing lemon fragrance. Reveals soft, nurtured and youthful looking hands. Retail: $87.00 Offer: $66.80 (save 23%) 5.07 oz Aromaceane Relax A muscle-relaxing treatment. Specially formulated for those suffering


    Regenerating, Moisturizing
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