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  • Quickie LXI Folding Wheelchair

    Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: K0005 (LXI), K0004 (LX) Product Weight : Approximately 28 lbs. w/out footrests Product Width: 12" - 20" seat width Product Length/Depth: 12" - 20" seat depth Product Height: 15.5" - 20.5" front seat-to-floor height Shipping Dimensions (box 1 ) : 32 "w /36 "h /13 "d Ship Method(s): Ground, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day Product Weight Capacity: 250 lbs. - standard Shipping Weight: 50 lbs. Caster Options 3", 4", 4 x 1.25", 4" x 1.5", 5", 5" x 1.5", 6", 6" x 1.5", 7",


    Standard, Long, Pocket, Key, Fitting, Folding, Accessory, Box, Charge, Rear, Color, Durable, Wheel, Lightweight
  • Quickie GT Lightweight Wheelchair

    Combining performance and innovation, the Quickie GT is one of the lightest (21.3 lbs.) aluminum rigid chairs on the market. Adjustable to the user's specifications, it offers multiple modifications. The GT parts are compatible with the rest of the Quickie manual family and this redesigned model is 10% lighter than before. The Quickie GT is a chair made for performance and durability.

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    Performance, Lightweight
  • Quickie LX / LXI Lightweight Wheelchair

    Quickie LX / LXI Lightweight Wheelchair QUICKIE LX LXI Product Review The Quickie LX and LXI are both chock full of features and options for wheelchair users who need a lightweight model. The Quickie LX and LXI are durable, versatile, easy to use, and, best of all, affordable. Options include transit option, mountain wheels, military service patches, Spinergy wheels, Natural Fit handrims, and camouflage frame colors. 28 lbs. w/o Footrests 3" - 8" 20" - 26" K0005 - LX, K0004 - LXI


    Versatile, Affordable, Durable, Wheel, Lightweight, Color
  • Quickie Wheelchair Back Upholstery

    Quickie Wheelchair Back Upholstery If you need to replace the upholstery on your Quickie Wheelchair, there is nothing better suited than the Quickie Wheelchair Back Upholstery, and there is no better place that Sportaid to get your Quickie Wheelchair Back Upholstery. The Quickie Wheelchair Back Upholstery is available in Standard or Tension Adjustable versions. Note: Orders placed without a wheelchair serial number cannot be guaranteed. In the event of an error, you will be responsible for return shipping

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  • Quickie GP Swing-Away Ultralight Wheelchair

    Quickie GP Swing-Away Ultralight Wheelchair GP SWING AWAY Product Review The Quickie GP Swing-Away adds hanger versatility to the already versatile Quickie GP wheelchair. Choose from multiple hanger angles or upgrade to elevating or articulating leg rests to get the comfortable ride that you deserve. Fully adjustable with a solid, rigid frame, Quickie GP and GPV chairs are engineered to maximize function and performance while minimizing effort for the rider. The extensive array of options and accessories


    Versatile, Performance, Accessory, Rigid Frame, Functional, Multiple, Ultralight, Swing Away Footrests, Adjustable, Comfort
  • Quickie Breezy Ultra 4 Wheelchair

    Quickie Breezy Ultra 4 Wheelchair Sales notice: Not all options are available for the Happy HoliJAYs sale promotion. Please call 1-800-743-7203 and talk to one of our experts to configure the best deal for you! Breezy Ultra 4 Lightweight wheelchair. Comes standard with many adjustable parts and features to make this a fantastic standard wheelchair . Features : Quick Release Wheels for easy vehicle loading Angle Adjustable Front Casters Wraparound Armrest for a narrower overall width Adjustable Axle

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    Narrow, Standard, Pocket, Quick Release, Wheel, Adjustable, Lightweight, Vehicle
  • Quickie S-525 Power Wheelchair

    Quickie S-525 Power Wheelchair Quickie Power Wheelchair Quickie S-525 Power Chair QUICKIE _S525 Seat Type Standard Nylon Sling Choose one… 16" Wide 18" Wide 14" Wide [Add $187.00] 15" Wide [Add $187.00] 17" Wide [Add $187.00] 19" Wide [Add $395.00] 20" Wide [Add $395.00] Choose one… 14" Depth 16" Depth 18"Depth 19" Depth [Add $75.00] 20" Depth [Add $75.00] Seat Height Choose one… 18" High 19" High (Std) 20" High [Add $64.00] 21" High [Add $64.00] Seat Type Aluminum Seat Pan Seat Cushion 2" Seat Cushion


    Nylon, Standard, Red, Black, Wide, Yellow, Rubber, Custom, Adjustable, Powered, Single, Blue, Foam, Desk, Green, Aluminum, Pink, Purple, Performance, Wheel, Orange, Pearl
  • 5 x 1 in. Aluminum Wheelchair Caster Wheel with Pyramid Tire

    The 5 x 1 in. Aluminum Wheelchair Caster Wheel with Pyramid Tire features a super strong aluminum wheel (hub) plus a smooth riding urethane tire that will never go flat and the user will never have to periodically fill them with air.


  • Quickie M6 Heavy Duty Wheelchair

    Quickie M6 Heavy Duty Wheelchair Sunrise Medical SKU: M6 Item #: 7826 The Quickie M6 wheelchair is a Bariatric wheelchair with a weight capacity of 650 lbs. The Quickie M6 is modeled from the design of the Quickie 2. It is made of high strength steel and weighs approximately 53 pounds, 26" x 20" with pneumatics and hangers. Included are: Adjustable Desk Armrests, 60° Swingaway Footrests. Shipping is FREE ! ! ! Features : Folding Frame. Easy Storage and Transport. Modular Frame Construction.


    Standard, Long, Designer, Black, Portable, Folding, High Strength, Custom, Adjustable, Color, Rear, Heavy Duty, Led, Desk, Easy Storage, Steel, Wheel, Multiple, Swing Away Footrests
  • Quickie GP/ GPV Sports/Everyday use Wheelchair

    The Sunrise GPV wheelchair is ideal for active users who need a chair for everyday use as well as sports activities. The one-piece welded frame offers a solid rigid ride and an overall lighter chair weight. The 70� front frame angle is designed to hold the legs in a tighter position, providing exceptional maneuverability, and the adjustable axle positions enable center of gravity adjustments. The GPV comes standard with 7� of camber for easier propulsion but can be adjusted from 0-12�. Thanks to its many

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  • Quickie All Court Sports Wheelchair

    Quickie All Court Sports Wheelchair Sunrise Medical ALL COURT Product Review The Quickie All Court is a sports wheelchair designed by Sunrise in conjunction with veteran wheelchair athletes and built specifically for athletic use. Using a patented center-of-mass adjustment, the All Court adjusts to the user's specific weight distribution and seat-angle requirements, with no parts swaps required to do so. Whether you're a recreational or amateur wheelchair athlete or a pro seeking a new ride, the All Court


  • QUICKIE Q7 Adjustable Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair

    QUICKIE Q7 Adjustable Ultralight Rigid Wheelchair SKU: EIR4 The Quickie Q7 NextGEN raises the bar for aluminum rigid ultralight wheelchairs. It's open frame is made with 7000 series aerospace aluminum and then heat treated using Quickie's ShapeLoc Technology increasing the overall strength of the chair while decreasing the overall weight. The Q7 is available with either an adjustable frame providing quick back angle adjustments for those with changing needs or an active rigid frame for those who know


    Optimal Performance, Aluminum, Performance, Maximum Performance, Rigid Frame, Custom, Wheel, Ultralight, Adjustable, Comfort, Rear
  • Quickie Basketball Wheelchairs

    Quickie Basketball Wheelchairs Quickie Basketball Wheelchairs If you are looking for a retailer for that you can truly trust, Sportaid is the place for you. The basketball solutions available at Sportaid are high quality and will meet all your sports needs and preferences. Quickie brings you a selection of basketball wheelchairs at Sportaid that are an example of the ultimate competitive edge. Whether you opt for the or the , you can easily move around and enjoy the benefit of an active lifestyle. Quickie


    Versatile, Designer, Titanium, Affordable, Active Lifestyle, Gaming, Universal, High Quality, Custom, Wheel, Comfort
  • Quickie Lighted Casters - 5" Casters - Each

    Quickie Lighted Casters Quickie Lighted Caster wheels. Fits most ultra light wheelchairs with 5/16 axle size. Lights when rolling with brilliant colors. Fits most ultralight wheelchairs with 1 in hub width.


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