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  • Hubba Bubba Handmade Bath Fizzy

    Hubba Bubba Bath Fizzy is that sweet special Bubble Gum scented nostalgia you are looking for, maybe you want to relax in a hot bath with childhood memories flooding back or maybe you want to surprise a little girl or boy with a unique and special gift. Perfect for teen girls, children or adults as a small gift alone or mix it with others to make a basket. approx. 3 OZ heart shape only. or you can purchase a sampler pack and get a half round sample. The all natural ingredients are perfectly balance to


    Healing, Skin, Round, Small, Handmade
  • Hubba Hubba Gelato Bath Bomb (6 oz)

    "Yipes Stripes!" Fortune Cookie Soap $3.69 "Yipes Stripes!" Fortune Cookie Soap We had a lot of fun making this one. The scent is dead on Zebra... Autism Awareness Bar Soap (2 oz) $6.75 Autism Awareness Bar Soap (2 oz) A sweet, bubble gum scented soap for those whose lives have been impacted by autism.... Hubba Hubba Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3) $11.25 Hubba Hubba Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3) Nothing delicious out there is safe from FCS! If we find something we like we... Hubba Hubba Gelato Bath Bomb (6 oz)


    Safe, Cotton, Red, Shower, Box, Life, Gum, Clear, Back, White, Memory, Blue, Pink, Metallic, Bubble
  • Watermelon Fragrance Oil

    Watermelon Fragrance Oil Description Watermelon : This scent smells like that yummy hard candy that all the kids love. It's a very juicy, leap-out-at-you sensation. It's a perfect antidote for those who have smelled one too many musky fragrances. Really a popular scent with children of all ages. We don’t like this scent for Cold Process as the scent does not stick well but if you’re in a pinch and really want to try it, we recommend boosting the fruity notes by blending with another sweet fruit, like


    Bubble Bath, Hard, Pearberry, Bar, Performance, Fruit, Sweet, Cucumber Melon, Water
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