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  • Reggae Toaster Oven Tray

    Reggae Toaster Oven Tray Reggae Toaster Oven Tray Code: 820045 MSRP: $42.75 $29.99 You Save $12.76 The Reggae Toaster Oven Tray is part of the Reggae collection by Wilton Armetale . Dimensions : 6.25"W x 9.75"L x 1"H Weight: 17 oz. Although originally introduced many years earlier for an exclusive arrangement with a major retailer, the Reggae design was officially introduced to general sales in the fall of 1996 by Wilton Armetale. The festive and whimsical combination of spirals and zig zags provide a


    Environment, Decorative, Exclusive, Designer, Wide, Classic, L, Traditional
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