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  • Au Lait FROTH`n SAUCE Platinum -

    Au Lait FROTH`n SAUCE Platinum - FNS-P Prepare meringue-like frothed milk topping for cappuccino, lattes, fruits and desserts. Add flavored syrups for a tasty treat. The richest and thickest froth ever! It's effortless. Prepare savory sauces like hollandaise, be`arnaise and mayonnaise; tasty Swiss fondue, cheddar cheese sauce, cream sauce, and mouth watering gravies. It's so gourmet! Prepare those hard to make desserts like a creme caramel, custard, and chocolate mousse. It's so easy! Prepare frothy hot


  • Automatic Hot Milk Frother Ebony

    Automatic Hot Milk Frother Ebony - FAL-B Patent Pending Froth Whip Technology Finally, a better way for coffee lovers to prepare a delicious specialty coffee that is effortless and consistent. Froth Au LaitTM works alongside any coffee maker to prepare meringue-like frothed milk topping while the coffee is brewing. Just pour coffee, add rich classic or flavored froth, and the morning cup becomes an upscale delight. Froth Au Lait, with Froth Whip technology, will quickly prove why it's every coffee maker's


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