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  • 18th Century stays / corset

    This listing is for ready for shipping item. Hand finished 18th century stays / corset made of greenish satin. Fits sizes 36--40. For measurements please see the photo



  • 18th century corset gown Marie Antoinette Gown Steampunk bridal gown

    18th Century Marie Antoinette Gown Custom made to your color requests and measurements Custom made to your measurements. Please allow plenty of time for this gown to be made. If you need gown in less than 6 weeks please email. Measurement chart will


    Colorant, Color
  • Tardis Corset, 18th Century Steel Boned

    This 18th century style, steel boned corset features Tardis-themed, custom designed cotton-silk fabric. With Tardis-blue grosgrain ribbon, antique gold grommets, and a lovely gold binding, this corset is a beautiful piece by itself. Wear it alone, throw a gold shrug over it, make it casual with jeans, or kick it up a notch with a long, full skirt. Nearly 30 yards of steel boning run throughout this piece, so it's guaranteed to give you that 18th century nipped in waist and distinctive silhouette.



  • 18th Century Corset Marie Antoinette in brocade or cotton or satin coutils

    This corset is rigidly boned with closely spaced 1/4" steel bones. The corset is cut to enhance and lift the bust, and shape the waist. The waist tabs, cut in one with the corset, curve over the hips. The over the shoulder straps adjust with a front tie and are basted in at the back. The straps are easily removable. Strapless stays are one of the signature looks of this period. Size chart available here: httpwww .periodcorsets .com /catalog /sizing .php Or convo me your bust, waist, and hip measurements for



  • Boned Corset, mid 18th Century

    What are usually referred to as 18th Century corsets are the stays that had their origin in the boned bodice of the middle of the 17th Century. This corset provides a more rounded shape and a slender appearance to the body, from which the wide oval neckline seemed to taper down to nothing. The bodice was made of two heavy layers of canvas and whalebones inserted between and glued and held into position by stitching. The corset was either fully boned (baleine) or half-boned (demi-baleine). Corsets were



  • 18th Century Corset

    The corset is made from a beautiful black floral cotton and a very strong inner fabric called coutil (also black). The bones are 1cm wide and made from steel for extra stiffness. The shoulder straps attach and can be adjusted at the front with lilac ribbon which matches the binding around the edges of the corset. The corset is laced at the centre back with strong black lacing through sturdy silver eyelets. The primary purpose of this corset is to enhance and lift the bust, and tighten and shape the waist,



  • Coarse Linen Gown, Robe A L'Anglaise, 18th Century, size 16

    The defining feature of this pretty linen gown is the pleated -and -stitched back, cut in one with skirt and known as en fourreau. The pleats are hand-stitched into place and create a particularly elegant appearance. The pleating for this gown is based on an example in the Snowshill Manor collection. The simple fabric and absence of trimming make this gown appropriate for most camp followers or house servants. It is durable and will stand up to camp life, while still being breathable and good for hot summer



  • Coarse Linen Dress, Robe A L'Anglaise, 18th Century, size 8

    This gown features a coarse dusty blue linen with a subtle woven stripe. It's a sturdy fabric that will stand up to wear and tear around the cooking fires while still remaining lightweight and breathable for hot summer reenactments. The linen has a stiff hand that gives is a lot of volume. The deeply-pointed back V helps to highlight the waist and create a curvaceous appearance on the figure. Skirt is neatly pleated all around with extra deep pleats at the side to allow the wearing of small hip pads as



  • Marie Antoinette/18th Century Gold/Red Stays

    MARIE-ANTOINETTE / 18TH CENTURY STYLE GOLD/RED FAUX SILK STAYS These are half-boned stays based on an 18th Century design. They are made from a gold coloured faux silk woven with red fibres so that the stays have a red tinge to them in certain lights. They look quite striking in sunlight. The polyester fabric is a very good imitation of silk. They are very substantial stays made from 5 layers of fabric as follows: Outer fabric - gold/red polyester Backing fabric - lightweight unbleached cotton calico Middle



  • Lilac Linen Dress, Robe A L'Anglaise, 18th Century, size 12

    This gown features a warm lilac linen with a soft hand that gives it an elegant appearance whenever you move. Although this gown is of sturdy construction, it also lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for hot summer reenactments. The deeply-pointed back V helps to highlight the waist and create a curvacious appearance on the figure. This gown is best suited to representing 1760-1795. WEARING: This gown closes with hooks and eyes down the front. For a good fit, you will need to wear a pair of stays or



    Sturdy Construction
  • Gorgeous 18th Century French-Style Gown (Robe a la Polonaise)

    This gown was inspired by the French style of the 18th century, and consists of a fully-lined, boned bodice which laces up the back, and a full silk dupioni skirt which closes with heavy-duty hook-and-eyes in the back. The fact that the bodice is boned saves you the hassle of having to wear a separate corset underneath; you still achieve the correct silhouette without the added restriction! The bodice and sleeves are adorned with big, handmade bows that add a gorgeous feminine touch, and the bodice also



  • Marie Antoinette Gown 18th Century Watteau Court Dress custom order

    Journey back to the opulent days of Marie Antoinette in a sumptuous court-worthy gown. This 18th century-inspired Watteau gown will be custom made for you, in a silk blend satin or silk taffeta, with similar trimmings. A mockup of the bodice portion of the dress, in plain fabric, will be mailed to you in order to check fit before cutting the real fabric. This is a "robe a la Francaise," or Sack-backed gown, so known for the pleats which fall gracefully off the back of the shoulder into a small train at the



    Custom Made
  • 18th century green velveteen jacket silver trim gently used

    I am selling a mid-18th century style jacket that I completely hand-sewed and patterned myself, but only wore twice at in-door events. It comes with a matching stomacher. The dark green cotton velveteen looks kind of blue-green depending on the light, as you can see in the photos. The trim was inspired by the theme of a masquerade or Carnivale party. I wore it with a small tricorn and a mask (of course!). The triangles are very pale blue satin brocade (polyester, I am sure), bordered by silver lace, which



  • 18th Century bustle gown

    18th Century Marie Antoinette Gown Custom made to you Custom made to your measurements and you choose color. Shown in a beautiful dark silver taffeta with black lace and satin. You receive: Custom made 18th century skirt, corset, petticoat and one fit corset Fabric Samples of the color choices you request Corset has hidden front closure with ribbon ties, lace overlay panet and ruched trim with off shoulder straps, steel boning. Skirt features beautiful polonaise overskirt with austrian crystal and ostrich



  • Reconstructing History Pattern #RH833 - 18th Century Corsets - Colonial and Revolutionary Corsets

    In the 1730s, back-lacing stays with a front-laced stomacher became popular. These simple, commoner stays are constructed similarly to the Colonial Williamsburg Collection stays. By the third quarter of the 18th century, stay makers realised that it wasn't the number of panels that were making the shape but the orientation of the bones. By the 1780s, the style of dress had evolved from the conical top and bottom created by stays and hoops to the �pouter pidgeon� look with the chest thrust forward and the


  • Simplicity 3635 18th Century Undergarments Hoop Skirtptrn Size16-24 Nip

    2007 Simplicity 3635 by Deborah Woodbridge Misses' 18th Century undergarments: Corset, Chemise, Pockets and Panniers. Pattern is multi sized for Misses sizes 16 thru 24 for a custom fit. Printed pattern uncut in original factory folds, envelope a bit storage worn. Size 16 18 20 22 24 Bust 38" 40" 42" 44" 46" Waist 30" 33" 35" 37" 39" Hip 40" 42" 44" 46" 48" $$$$ Shipping Special $$$$ $$$ Buy 3 or more of my patterns at the Buy-It-Now price and receive free upgrade to Priority Mail $$$ Please wa

    • Free shipping


  • 18th Century Marie Antoinette Corset or Stays with front and back lacing

    This 18th century corset is rigidly boned with closely spaced 1/4" steel bones and is cut to enhance and lift the bust, and shape the waist. The additional lacing up the center front allows for increased adjustment. The waist tabs, cut in one with the corset, curve and smooth over the hips. The over the shoulder straps adjust with a front tie and are basted in at the back. The straps are easily removable. Strapless stays are one of the signature looks of this period. Features include: Ø Side seam



  • SALE Handmade 18th Century Style Corset

    This was my first attempt at making a reproduction of an 18th century corset and was inspired by the Marie Antoinette film. It is constructed from traditional cotton linen and light weight calico for the lining. It is structured with synthetic whalebone which is very close to the original bones that would have been used in the 18th century and sewn with a contrast blue thread along the channels. I have hand stitched the bindings with blue satin ribbon and added blue ribbons to attach the straps. This corset



  • Reconstructing History Pattern #RH832 - 18th century Women's Underpinnings

    Full-size paper patterns with complete instructions and historical notes for women's shifts and hoops from the 18th century based on extant examples. Includes patterns for women's shift, pocket hoops, and hooped petticote. Instructions for other varieties of hoops. All sizes included in one envelope. Early to Mid 18th century European garment. Reconstructing History Pattern #RH832 - 18th century Women's Underpinnings. Fits busts 30��-48� and waists 23�-41�.


  • Handmade Yellow Corset/Stays 18th Century

    This is a ready to ship item. Beautiful yellow fabric with flower pattern. Cute pink bows. Please see photos for measurements!



  • Made to Order 18th Century Stays

    A MUST for creating an authentic 18th century silhouette, under any colonial or Marie Antoinette styled gown. No corners were cut in the making of these stays - they are FULLY boned. These stays are made from four layers of fabric, soft pima cotton lining, two layers of heavy canvas or coutil, (between which the boning is sandwiched as pictured while still in the sewing process on the third pic) and topped off with a dreamy brocade of your choice. Made from my own custom pattern to fit you. A mockup will be



  • JPR14 - JP Ryan #14, 18th Century Pocket Hoops Sewing Pattern

    During the 18th century, a lady of fashion could choose from a variety of methods to extend the shape of the petticoat and gown. For example, she might wear oval hoops, a false rump or pocket hoops. When wearing either oval hoops or false rump, our lady would also wear one or more pockets, in which she could carry her fan, pocket handkerchief, scent bottle, patch box, and other vital accessories. Pocket hoops, considered most fashionable at some times but not at others, were by far and away the most



  • Custom 18th Century Colonial Silk Ball Gown

    This listing is for a custom made gown with trim and engagents in 100% silk. Made to measure, it is a copy of an existing garment as described by Janet Arnold in Period Fashions. All 100% silk fabric with 100% linen lining to match originals. Hand stitched details such as trained hem and bodice front. Appropriate for 1760s-1780 depending on underpinnings. 1st Example is made from Pink multi-stripped silk with self box pleated trim, ruffled petticoat and sleeve engagents. 2nd Example is made from blue



  • Custom 18th Century Stays with Stomacher

    **This listing is reserved for Kaylee Design These stays are based on a historical example from the Corsets and Crinolines book. They have a floating stomacher under the front lacing, and are fully boned. The lacing on both front and back can be either standard corset lacing or spiral lacing. Sizing The stays were made to the customer's measurements. Please include your natural measurements (bust, underbust, waist, and hips) in the order, and I will make the correct size for you. If you have any



  • 18th Century Blue and Linen Reversable Stomacher

    This is an 18th century style woman's stomacher. It is a front piece that can be worn with a jacket or dress to cover your corset laces. It can also be worn under bodice, jacket and stays laces to extend out the size. It is made from a velvet patterned colonial blue jacquard. the reverse side is a natural colored linen that would go with anything! There are three 1/2 inch wide metal bones in the stomacher. It is 13 inches tall, 10 1/2 inches wide at the top and 6 1/2 inches wide at the bottom. This



  • Contour Hand Carved Wooden 18th Century Busk

    Wooden Busks 18th century Hand carved Contoured These are the busks in my Stay Video: httpwww .youtube .com /watch ?v =wBiCewwpEHw These are so versital and can be used for so many things. these are concave on one side and convex on the other to give you that extra push for the desired conical shape in the 18th century. First and Foremost, they were used in stays and corsets. They were inserted or tied in the front to hold form and give you "belly" control. Dimensions: - The busk curves at the top. - In the



  • 18th Century Maple Wooden Busks- Ready To Go

    Maple Wooden Busks 18th century These are so versital and can be used for so many things. First and Foremost, they were used in stays and corsets. They were inserted or tied in the front to hold form and give you "belly" control. In 18th century stays they were inserted into the front to push the stay out around the waist and take the pressure of your stomach and the stays, putting the pressure on the busk. This prevents the front from flipping up, or your reeds from breaking. The busks can be cut down and



  • Colonial 1770s Shaped Corset Upon Request

    This listing is for an 18th Century Georgian corset cut in the 1770s style. It is made of durable unbleached canvas and boned throughout with 1/4" steel boning. The front is further reinforced by interspersing 1/2" boning between the 1/4" pieces. On the inside of the front panel, a piece of 1/4" boning is also hand stitched in perpendicular to the boning channels. This gives the corset front its archetypical 18th Century conical shape. The corset laces closed in back and at the shoulders. This corset was



  • Victorian Corset Gown MADE TO MEASURE

    Have this stunning Victorian Inspired Gown made to your measurements. Perfect for an Alternative Wedding, Masquerade Ball or Victorian Picnic. This beautiful gown consists of a corset top and multi-layered skirts. The corset will be made in a silk shantung and lined in a sturdy cotton with steel boning. It is laced up the back with grommets and has a busk front opening. A lace and ribbon detail complete the upper edge. (based on trim available) A muslin, or mock up corset can be made up and sent to you



  • What Katie Did L6065 Antoinette Corset

    Steel boned corset with an 18th century inspired balconette neckline. The 18th Century-inspired Antoinette features a balconette bustline and innovative pointed sides which mean that even the most well-upholstered needn't fear any overspills - simply a ravishing pair of (well-supported!) heaving bosoms. Antoinette has our signature gored hips, which can help even corset newcomers achieve a substantial reduction and create the perfect wasp-waisted silhouette. Suitable for most figures, but particularly those


    Inspirational, Steel
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